Sunday, June 28, 2009

Help the Pavement school children

We at India Helps had organised an alternate location on Goregaon Link Road itself for the children of our two pavement schools during the monsoons. This was done way back in May.
Unfortunately, the person who has promised to lend us the space is now just not reachable despite our best efforts, and our poor children are missing days of school due to the rains. If you know of any dry covered space that could be made available to around 150 children between 8am to 10 am, Monday to Saturday, in the area near Vibgyor High School, Link Road, Goregaon West do let us know at urgently. If there is a nominal rent involved, we could raise funds for that too. This is solely for the three months of the monsoons.
Help us keep our children studying.

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Chandni said...

From my friend Bhavini:

Hi ,

For the space for pavement school children, goregoan , please contact Mr.
Sunil Chavan on 2878 3647. HE can help with some spaces for the school.