Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on Karuna

This is a couple of days late, sorry Serendipity:

Karuna just called me. She was quite upset and just burst out crying on the phone…she was in a ceremony organized at G.T. Hospital where they've put up some kind of remembrance thing for her husband as well as other people killed in the attacks… she just couldn't control her tears and had called me from within the ceremony.

I just let her break down and be vulnerable for a while as she said she controls as much as she can for the sake of her kids.

The youngest one (Yash) doesn't understand death and thinks his Dad is at the airport and keeps asking. I mentioned to her that she needs to counsel him and slowly tell him that his dad is not coming back…felt horrible doing so.

Anyway, she was better after crying.

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mumbai said...

my eyes filled with tears