Friday, April 3, 2009

Update on Balaji

This just came in from Wordjunkie:

Have been in touch with Balaji and he called me today to say that:

1.. He can't work everyday, as his knee gives him a lot of trouble. His doctor has asked him to find a good 'bone doctor' . Can we quickly help him there?

2. He's getting the run around from the Railways office. His case has still to reach the appropriate office. He's been told he will get a job with something called the CMW dept at MMRDA. Couldn't get more from him on this, but he's forced to spend a whole working day going to VT, only to be sent back.

3. Neither of his brothers has a job yet, He continues to be the main bread winner...still!!!

4. He has been borrowing money to run the house.

Is there some job we could organize for him until he gets his CMW job? Driving an auto can hardly be comfortable, or even safe for him, with a bad knee, and a problem with the nerves in one hand.

Anyone who could help in anyway, please do write in at urgently.

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