Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on Ahana

This report from Mamma Mia!!! Me a Mamma??:

I have been in regular touch with Purnima. I spoke to her a little while ago to wish her for the New Year.
* I had given her some centre numbers from where one can hire ayahs and nurses. Right now, she is following up with a contact given to her by her son-in-law. This nurse will be visiting her soon. In the meanwhile, she is making arrangements for her Bombay nurse to come back. She has booked tickets using the Tatkal services.

* The cheque sent from Bombay arrived at my place today. I told her that the earliest I could visit her would be next week sometime, perhaps on Tuesday. If before that, she could send someone to my place to collect the cheque, that would be great.

* She is in the process of opening an SBI account near her place. Should take another day or two. She'll give me the account details as soon as she gets them. In the meanwhile, if someone would like to put in some money in her account directly, they can use the Bombay account.

* She is very happy with the physiotherapist who is coming to work with Aahana. She has been progressing well under his guidance.

* She spoke to Sonu and Madhurima Niigam, who will be working something out regarding the money transfers.

* She was hoping for some help from film star, Mithun Chakraborty.

Meanwhile, I spoke to my friend whose mom used to work for the Spastics Society. I am very hopeful regarding this source and I hope a lot of good can come of it.

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