Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on Karuna Waghela

This report from Serendipity:

Hi all, I spoke with Karuna, who has shifted into her room at Sion.

She was quite emotional and was missing her husband...her little one has hurt himself, with three stitches, while her mom and dad are both unable to move in with her immediately since they're both sick. High B.P and sugar respectively...she is suddenly feeling the brunt of being all alone, the only plus side is that she got paid for a month and a half. I won't be able to visit at least for two weekends but she can call me whenever. She travels to work everyday by bus spending over an hour in transit. I have offered to teach her to commute by train in a few weeks if she's not learnt by then, since her travel time will be only about 30 mins then by train.
By the time we hung up she had really cheered up, having cried a bit and venting I guess.
Anyway that's that from her. She didn't seem to know about the trial so I didn't ask.

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