Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on Cheetah Camp victim-Shabnam

This update from Nomad:

Hi All,
I met Shabnam on Thursday and handed over Rs. 4000 for the monthly expenses.

It was very nice to meet her and she said that she was also happy to put a face to my voice :) She kept asking me if there's any progress on the job front for her - at a loss here as none of my leads have worked out. Urgent call for help here, people!

Her three younger sisters are going to school, the fourth one did not want to study further after 10th std. and so has enrolled into a govt. approved computer course. This course is being paid for a person working with a college in the area and she might have a job when she finishes the course, this may take some time but its still a step towards the family becoming independent. With the sewing machine coming in the mother will also be able to start earning some money. It is quite heartening to see everyone in the family trying their best to come out of this and are not taking any aid they get fot granted.

The payment for the new Usha sewing machine has also been done last week and it should get delivered today. Will report back once Shabnam confirms this.

Once my foot gets better I will make a trip to her home and meet the family, for now, this is it.

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