Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here's how you can help Sikkim

This via Karma Bhutia from

Relief Teams
Worldvision relief team are on their way to Mangan Sikh Sangat of
Siliguri likely to go upto Tung on 23rd with necessary relief aid.
Meeting at the Siliguri Gurdwara tomorrow. A Team of SNTM Doctors just
left for Lingzya, Dzongu via Singtam & Dikchu. The team is going on
their own accord, albeit with the knowledge of the Department. This is
not to be taken as a State initiative. The doctors have pooled in
money to hire the vehicles themselves and carry with them as much
medical supplies as they can. The Sikkim Chamber of Commerce is
collecting relief materials, both in cash and kind and sending a team
with supplies to Mangan tomorrow. Anyone willing to support can
contact me at +919434094359 or Ashok Sarda at +919733015188 Just to
inform you that NGOs WWF, KCC, ECOSS, ATREE along with forest
officials and a team of doctors have organised a relief team for
Dzongu. We are taking some supplies up to Lingzya today and hope to
move upto Sakyong Pentong. A rescue team reached Bay village finally
through rough terrain yesterday and managed to recover 5 bodies out of
seven. Sakyong Pentong have been totally cut off and a helicopter team
of SAP is supposed to land there today. VHAS has also sent a team to
Dzongu. Mika and Ugen of MLAS are already working there. The central
Disaster managment team chaps are proving to be a liability - totally
unprepared and unable to cope with the terrain and the people. It is
very surprising that the SAP have till now not been given a proper
role to play in the rescue efforts. ECOSS, KCC and ATREE have donated
Rs 10,000 each and WWF is going to chip in with cash and materials of
around Rs 1-2.5 lakhs. We have started taking donations for the relief
in ECOSS account - Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Sikkim Axis
Bank MG Marg Account No. 112010100117012. Pl pass the word around. Raj
Basu of Help tourism has also promised help and so has the Rotary club
and others. (Email from RP Gurung, CEO ECOSS) Members of Travel Agents
Association of Sikkim ( TAAS) Commits Rs. One Lakh One Thousand(
Rs.1,01,000.00) to the Sikkim Chief Ministers Relief Fund for the
rescue and Relief from this Himalayan Earthquake in Sikkim. We are
with our PEOPLE in all walks of our LIVES. With all our Prayers for
SIKKIM. It reflected to me many years back of "Mero Mirik Campaign"
where we had helped victims of major Landslide in Mirik. I have been
feeling restless and thinking of those people who have survived and
helped not yet reached. I have been getting messages from Dzongu
(Sakyong Penthong) where help has still not reached as it does not
fall in the North Sikkim Highway. I have travelled earlier so much to
North Sikkim and known the steepness of the hills beyond Mangan. It
gives me a sleepless nights to understand how people are coping with
the open air, full of rain and help yet to reach while I rest in a
comfortable bed. So I have started a campaign to help those in need
with my organisation which has been Govt. Registered. My utmost
concern is to help with the major emergency items like Warm blankets,
warm clothes, (As north Sikkim is cold and also winter is
approaching), energy drinks, Torch lights with batteries, portable
tents, vitamins, medicines(common ones like for headache, fever, cold
etc), water bottle, shoes, sleeping mattress, sleeping bags, etc.. I
have also started analysing on Kalimpong villages and found out that
many houses have collapsed. Unfortunately they seem to be the poorest.
Today i am visiting Mangmaya as it happened to my ancestral place and
called by uncle to see many of our BPL neighbours whose house are no
more. Our organisation's name is Glenn Family Foundation Trust which
is locally registered in Kalmipong with local members. We will be
giving tax rebate to those who will financially help as we are
registered under 80G of the Income tax act. Our team will work on a
blog and FB to see how our donations and work is being done. I have
contacted my friends from Sikkim who will coordinate in our
distribution. I will be off to North Sikkim on Monday. Regards/Saom
The Bar Association of Sikkim a registered association of advocates
has initiated the 18th September Earthquake Relief Fund. We have
obtained the necessary permission from the District Collector. Anybody
willing to contribute in cash or kind may contact. Bhaskar Raj
Pradhan, General Secretary 9933355335.


ezekiel said...

Hello we have a team of 16 young people we would love to come help in the rescue operation we are now at kalimpong so please tell us how we can help you can email us at thank you we are so much looking forward for your response

ezekiel said...

Hello My name is Ezekiel we have a team which is willing to come help with the rescue team at SIKKIM so far we have never done that but now we strongly feel we should help we are about 16 young people who is willing to come so please let us know how we could help and the contact that we should have let us know as soon as possible Thank you you can email us at or the same id at