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Help this girl

This forward from Chandni:

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Hi Chandni

Following are the details we want you to share, Pls visit


Madhu is 14 year old but look likes a 4 years old little girl. She is
a bright student of 6th class who wish to become a doctor when she
grow-up. She is suffering from a rare medical condition known as
"Isolated Growth Hormone Deficiency" and currently doing routine
follow-ups at AIIMS Endocrinology OPD to become a normal bubbly girl
of her age.

Madhu belongs to a lower middle class family and her father is a
schoolteacher in a backward region of Nepal, who find it tough to meet
both ends.

Now, the good news for Madhu is that her treatment is possible but the
cost of growth hormone therapy is approximately Rs. 2 Lacs per year
for next 4-5 years. (as per documents provided by AIIMS to this girl).

Many conditions which interfere with children's growth are treatable.
Insulin, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and now insulin-like growth
factor are medications which are as close to nature as possible.
Children with a wide range of growth deficiencies have had wonderful
results thanks to growth hormone and other treatments.

GH is usually administered as a daily injection under the skin.
Because adults tend to have more side effects than children, their
treatment often begins at a low dose and then is raised gradually.

AIIMS also mentioned in the certificate that in absence of this
therapy , She is likely to suffer from serious physical and social
consequences of short stature and this treatment is essential for her.

Her medical condition has made her mature even before time, but she
love watching hindi movies of her favorite actors Hrithik Roshan and
Preity Zinta and can sing so many beautiful songs if you request.

Like many sick children, Madhu is both symptom and cause. Her lack of
proper treatment is reason enough for not only forcing the
frail-looking girl to miss school for few months while she searches
for some help, but dragging her poor family into debt.

Mission of your Uday Foundation is to provide free professional help
to the children with congenital defects through counseling, education,
information and referral and direct financial assistance. If you wish
to learn more about Madhu or wish to help her, Please write to

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