Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help Ashwini Kanugo's family-Orissa floods hero

Received this appeal for help.


Orissa is devastated by floods. Rescue work is overwhelmed with
demand. Brave people are risking their lives to save more.

One such person, Ashwini Kumar died last week after saving 60 people
stranded on a rooftop in the flood. He fell into the water after the
rescue and in spite of being a strong swimmer, was missing for two
days when his body was found. He is to be recommended for the
president's medal for his bravery in saving lives.

He leaves behind a widowed mother and now widowed wife and no male
members in the family - in a rural environment. He had been married
about two months ago. Their family circumstances are not economically
comfortable. They don't have a phone or mobile. To contact them, one
can reach through his uncle, Mr Panchanan Kanungo at 9438360849. While
the honor of a president's medal is great, this family needs support
to sustain themselves. I have not spoken with them. I don't know what
form this support should be, but from what I hear immediately, it
seems some regular financial contributions, at least till a source of
income can be developed would be needed.

Some individuals are stepping up to say they would like to help, but
nothing concrete is known yet. Besides, such support cannot be counted
on to endure once the spotlight is gone.

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