Monday, September 12, 2011

Arzan Khambata and Akanksha

Between the 2nd of October and the 8th of October, the NGO Akanksha plans to create a large installation at the Pheonix Mills mall at Lower Parel.
Arzan Khambata will build a bamboo enclave that will have buckets of coloured water hanging from the top of the enclave.The bucket will have little holes beneath it. The floor of the enclave will have sheets of canvas with stenciled images of education elements.When swung, the bucket will splatter paint onto the images below. This will be repeated thrice with different colours.
People visiting the installation can opt to buy one of the stenciled images and kind of take a piece of education with him/her, thus contributing to Akanksha's mission. This will be run by Akanksha kids and Arzan himself come to the venue on some of the days during that week.we need large participation.
Please visit Phoenix Mills and participate in this initiative. Akanksha is educating the underprivileged child, and that is a cause which deserves all the support it can get.

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