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Information on 1298 Women's Helpline

    1298 Women's Helpline

A recent World Health Organisation (WHO) document states that violence against women causes more death and disabilities in 15-44 age groups than cancer, malaria and traffic accidents. In India, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, every hour 18 women face violence harassment and sexual abuse. Mumbai has the highest percentage of victims.

In response to the grave situation of violence against women in the city of Mumbai, the women's Helpline 1298, an initiative by the Sheriff of Mumbai, to help women who are facing violence or sexual harassment, was launched on January 28,2008 with the assistance of leading women's NGO's & the Dial 1298 for Ambulance service.

On calling 1298, which is also an Ambulance Access number from any mobile or land line, women in distress are directed to relevant NGO's who counsel and provide assistance. For any case which requires urgent action, the calls are diverted to the police Helpline 103. All calls received by the 1298 Women's helpline are followed up after seven days to appraise the help received and the current situation of the case.

The 1298 Women's helpline has conducted various activities to promote and sustain the helpline.

Monthly review meetings are held with the various NGOs that work with the 1298 Women's Helpline to assess & evaluate the various cases referred to the NGOs.

Regular training sessions on various issues are also conducted for the NGOs to keep them enthused and motivated. A training programme on 'Barefoot Counselling" was conducted to further strengthened the network of linked referral organisations making 1298 a sustainable initiative. This was followed by a training workshop on legal aspect of women's Issues.

On 9th September 2008 to make the information about the NGOs freely available to Women in Mumbai, The Sheriff of Mumbai along with Dial 1298 for Ambulance, Akshara and Times Foundation brought out the 1298 Women's Resource Directory which was launched by Sachin Tendulkar.

The NGOs are listed under nine categories based on their location and the primary service they provide. These categories are: support for women in distress, counselling services, short stay homes/women hostels, legal support groups, health support groups, support groups for de-addiction, information and advocacy groups, support for senior citizens and helpline for children. The directory, which will be available in English and Marathi and over 10,000 copies were distributed free of cost.

1298 Women's Helpline Call Details

MonthNumber of Calls

Listing of NGOs / Government Agencies in Mumbai that work with the 1298 Women's Helpline

Support for Women in DistressHealth Support Groups
103 Police HelplineAashraya
1298 Women's HelplineAct Chiraag
Apne Aap Women's CollectiveAdhar
Awaze-e- Niswan- RehnumaAnand Rehabilitation Centre
Bhartiya Stree ShaktiCenter for Development Initiatives
Bhartiya Stree ShaktiIndian Council for Mental Health
Dayasadan Community CenterKripa Counselling & Rehabilitation Centre
Family CourtMona Remedial Education Centre
K.B. Bhabha HospitaNetwork in Thane by People Living with HIV and AIDS
Maharashtra Mahila ParishadPassages
Mahila Dakshata SamitiWomen's Cancer Initiative
Mankhurd Women's Cell
Nagpada Women's CellSupport Groups for De-addiction
Navjeevan Centre
SakhyaAlcoholics Anonymous
Sneha Kripa Counseling & Rehabilitation Centre
Special Cell for Women and Children Mukti Sadan
Stree Mukti Sangatana
Stree Shakti KendraInformation and Advocacy Groups
Teen ChallengeAkshara
Women's CentreBusiness And Professional Women's Association
Women's CommissionForum Against Oppression of Women
Women's Grievances Redressal Cell ( Pragati Kendra)Point Of View
Research Centre for Women's studies -SNDT
Counseling ServicesVacha Trust
Women's India Trust
Bapu Trust "Seher"
Counselling and Suicide Prevention Centre ( CAPS)Support for Senior Citizens
Humsafer103 Police Helpline
Institute for Psychological Health1090 Elderline
Labia Dignity Foundation
MaitriFamily Welfare Agency
Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA)Harmony
PrafultaHelp Age
Psychoanalytic Therapy & Research CentreShree Manav Seva Sangh
Sambhavana Society
Shree Manav Seva SanghHelpline for Children
Women Graduate Union
YWCA (Aasara)103 Police Helpline
1098 Childline
Short Stay Homes / Women's Hostels
Legal Support Groups
All India Women's Conference
Asha SadanFamily Court
Bapnu GharIndian Centre for Human Rights & Law
SukhshantiLawyers Collective
Nari Adalat
Protect Indian Family Foundation

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Although all the helpline numbers looks good on the web page there is now way out for a person to get in touch with the helpline numbers through their cell phones