Friday, July 3, 2009

Help Abhishek

This came in from Serendipity:

Abhishek is a young 30 year old man, who was working as a brand manager in Britannia Industries until recently. An innocuous fever led to the discovery of cancer within his body - and he has been diagnosed with Bi-phenothypic Acute Leukimia (BAL) a type of blood cancer. He is to undergo matched unrelated donor transplant - the cost for which is USD 20,000 or roughly Rs 1 crore.

He has undergone three sessions of chemotherapy till now, and donors are being sourced by doctors from the Apollo hospital (Chennai) and CMC (Christian Medical college, Vellore).

Currently Rs 55 lakhs needs to be updated for the transplant. The family does not need any financial support other than raising this mammoth amount for medical bills.

I have spoken to his brother, Abhijit, and he has said he will keep in touch with me regarding progress. This case is curable, and the operation can save his life. Visit the link for more details and pictures -

In case anyone wants to help out, please mail us at or or contact Abhisheks family directly through contact details available on the site.

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Chandni said...

You'll find some more related information on this on my Twitter post. (Had tweeted about him a month ago.)

Appeal for funds (Rs 1 crore) for a bone marrow transplantation in Bangalore is here: