Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A green message.

This came in from Priyanka, and is a simple thing to do for our concrete jungle:

A friend has started a 'Lakshmi taru' (paradise tree)  tree plantation drive in Mumbai. If anyone would be interested in planting trees in the building, complex or your area you could get in touch with Ticky Nimbalkar. His contact number is 09892465173 or mail him at ticky.nimbalkar@gmail.com <mailto:ticky.nimbalkar@gmail.com> .

As the UN grapples with the question of <http://news.webindia123.com/news/ar_showdetails.asp?id=704150527&amp;cat=&amp;n_date=20070415#> global warming and Maharashtra battles with power conservation, a quiet revolution is simmering in rural areas of the country.
The answer to the greenhouse gas emissions and climate change has already started taking roots in 'Simarouba Glacua', christened as 'Lakshmi Taru' , and is also known as paradise tree.
'Lakshmi Taru', an evergreen tropical tree bearing oilseeds, can meet edible, industrial and bio-fuel needs of the world as a renewable source. Because of its high productivity levels, it can save <http://news.webindia123.com/news/ar_showdetails.asp?id=704150527&amp;cat=&amp;n_date=20070415#> India's crores of foreign exchange money and also earn revenue via exports, experts with Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SSIAST), Bangalore, said.
''The 'Lakshmi' Taru tree reclaims wastelands, arrests soil erosion, and increases ground water levels and provides sturdy, insect-resistant timber. It utilizes solar energy and converts it into bio-energy. It efficiently uses greenhouse gases for its own growth and sustenance

The tree bears seeds that provide bio-diesel, particle-boards, fuel and oilcakes that are good as organic manure, pulp and leaf litter that serve as vermicompost and fruits that provide beverage and jams.
The tree can be suitably used by a nation that spends a huge chunk of its revenue on importing edible and petroleum oils.
The tree is also a medical boon for it relieves pain, fever, dysentery, stops bleeding, fights malaria, improves haemoglobin and checks blood sugar.

Brought from the tropical forests of Central America, 'Lakshmi Taru' tree has now brought about a significant change in Maharashtra as well.

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