Friday, July 10, 2009

Update on Shabnam (Cheetah Camp Victim)

This came in from Nomad:

Hi All,

Shabnam is back from her village and here's the status on things:
The division of ancestral property did not happen as the grandfather said that he will not give anything till he's alive. Shabnam talked to him and asked him to let her have her dad's share considering they don't even have means to survival right now. Her grandfather offered that he will take care of the family if they move to his village but won't give any financial help. Given that the village has no means for the girls to be educated OR any avenue for Shabnam to find a job, she told him that they can't do that as there's no way forward from this option. The good thing that came out of her trip is that whenever the division does happen, she will get her father's share.
She again asked me about a job for her and I've told her I'm trying. I have a lead and I'm hoping it'll work out, I should know about this by next week. Will request you guys to keep looking as well.

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