Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on pavement school project

Good news. Priyanka and I had a final meeting with Mr Raut, Mr Nadar and Mr Dighe who run the pavement school opposite Vibgyor High (Link Rd, Goregaon)this morning. We are officially tying up with them to co-run this current school (staff strength 3, student strength currently 51 and growing) as well as set up a second school a signal away (Goregaon Bangur Nagar signal). The targetted date for setting up this school is March 15.

Where we come in:

Funds: Estimated cost of running the school is Rs 10 to 15000 per month. Inclusive of salaries of three teachers and books/stationery and supplies. Individuals who could chip in with essentials like chattais, blackboard (rollable for storage purpose) stationery and who would be willing to sponsor basic text books/pencils/notebooks/ slates/ chalks etc are welcome to contact us.

Snacks: We also need committed souls who will provide snacks to the children on a predetermined day per week to incentivise attendance once the new school is up and running.

Teachers: The current school needs one more teacher as the strength of the students is growing and no child is turned away. We need to recruit three more teachers for the second school. Retired Municipal school teachers, D.Ed holders who live in the vicinity would be preferred.

Volunteers: Kind souls who could drop in occasionally and help the children in higher classes with their studies or those who could come in once a week at their convenience to teach the kids some arts or crafts are welcome to contact us. The school runs Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 10am.

If you would like to be part of this effort do mail us at

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dipali said...

Sounds great. All the best with this, folks.