Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on Aahana Mishra

This update from Shyaam:

I went to Jaslok Hospital yesterday and met Poornima (Aahana's maternal grandmother). Spoke to her and got many details. Firstly, the doctor in MGM (Dr. Shilpa) co-ordinated with a doctor in Jaslok (Dr. Anaitha Udwadia Hegde) and they had an understanding that Aahana may be shifted to Jaslok after her treatment in MGM. I will get the details of the treatment after I speak to Anaitha after I get the number from Poornima. There is also Dr. Fazal who is with Dr. Anaitha for Aahana's treatment in Jaslok.

Secondly, she was not charged a penny in MGM hospital. They were very kind enough to waive a bill of Rs 3.4 lakhs. Poornima told me that on her insistence they accepted a cheque of Rs 42k from her. MGM insisted that Poornima should not pay them from Aahana's account. She got this from a person who wrote the cheque in favour of MGM directly for Aahana's treatment.

In Jaslok she thought she would have to pay for hospital expenses but there is a social worker who is stationed in the hospital itself (Mrs. Mulchandani, couldn't get her first name) who helped them out and ensured that she gets free treatment in Jaslok also. But Poornima requested that if anyone is ready to help, they can draw a cheque in the name of Jaslok Hospital and write on account of Aahana's treatment. Will get the details for that.

I asked her about the help she got from Sonu Nigam and Mithun Chakravarthy. Sonu Nigam has sponsored a nurse for Aahana who takes care of Aahana in the morning. Aahana also has an evening nurse. Poornima said Mithun also spoke to her and had promised that she would get help from some corporates with whom he has had a word about Aahana but it didn't materialize because that happened just before the 26/11 attacks and after that it might have died down in that chaos and she has not also asked him. He has anyways promised that he will help her in every possible way after she comes to Calcutta with Aahana.

She was mentioning that she has received immense support and help from media and it is because of the media that people from all over the world have called her and have been helping her. She said there was a couple who called her from USA, who were ready to adopt Aahana. She readily agreed, but her condition was that she should also be adopted along with Aahana.

She also spoke about how indifferent Aahana's father has been all this while. He has not even bothered to call and find out how her condition is. I saw Aahana yesterday and she looked much better. She was sleeping when I saw her yesterday.

Now for the things we need to do on a priority basis according to me:

* I will speak to the doctor (Dr. Anaitha) and get more details about her condition.
* The medicines for Aahana are not provided by hospital and therefore they will require money for that also.
* Wheel chair (we can figure that out once I speak to the Doctor)

I will be getting in touch with Navin also since he told me that he has been collecting funds for Aahana from USA. He will be coming to India on Saturday. Poornima spoke very highly of Navin. He has always been in touch with her.

Does anyone have any contact in Jaslok? It will be easier for me to speak to the doctor if we have someone whom we know.

I was very touched to see the number of people who have been helping Poornima. One example is this guy whom I met yesterday. His name is Vivek, stays in Andheri and he is most of the time with them. He sends them the car and he was the one who helped them shift Aahana to Jaslok from MGM and also has offered Poornima the car whenever she wants.

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Farishta said...

Well.. I wish I could solve all Ahana's problem by coming up with some miracle solution..Wish I could..
All I can say is..May God bless her.. and yes,not to forget it,Thankyou guys.. You guys are doing an amazing job.. Keep up the good work,and may God bless you in all your efforts..