Thursday, February 12, 2009

Report from Priyanka

This on our fledgeling street school project:

I really enjoyed our experience at the street school yesterday.The kids were just so adorably sweet and well behaved.They were politely waiting for their turn when we were distributing snacks/stationery. The smiles on their faces and their big 'thank you' just made my entire day yesterday!
After returning from there I felt it would be a great idea if we could rope in some more people who could provide them a daily snack every week. I have now roped in the mums from the school who have taken responsibility for one day of the week to provide snack to these kids.
Renu -Will take charge on Mon, Me-Tue, Kiran-Wed, Shibani-Thu, Veronica-Fri and Madhavi-Sat. We start from 16th Feb.
I went to the street school again today to distribute snacks /notebooks to the 30 odd kids and also get more details about the school. Also things they need and we could chip in with. She has given me the following list:
Pens - 1 dozen
Workbooks-2 dozen,
Schoolbags, Water bottles, Tiffins, pencil boxes- all for 31 children.
She also gave me the number of Mr. Raut who is managing the school. He told me that there are four other schools that are run and managed by Asha Kiran Trust (Sumita is already following up with them) at 4 bungalows, 7 bungalows, Juhu Versova Link road and MHADA in Mumbai  but this school at Goregaon is not under Asha Kiran. He said that he finds the Goregaon school the most challenging as all these kids have not got any formal education, they are the kids who literally live on the streets they have no proper housing. Most of them are rag pickers.They are working hard with these kids to counsel them and teach them.
They can do with all the help that they get to encourage more of these kids to join the school. If anyone would like to contribute to this cause please do write in.

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