Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on Momina

This report on Momina from Aparna:

Visited Momina this Saturday. I had gone along with a journalist who wanted to do an article on Momina.

Momina looked better and happier today. She was more then willing to talk and share stuff. It felt nice that our efforts are paying off. I handed her the cheque for Rs 9000/- for six months rent which had come in from one of our readers, Divya. Thanks Divya!!!

I asked her if she is receiving money from any other source to which she said no. But she did mention a lady who has bought her a sewing machine and a mobile.

We were there for a about an hour and she spoke about everything from her kids to her husband to her in-laws to her family. Right now her parents are staying with her but they will leave in week after which her sister will come to down to be with her.

She also gave me the details of the doctor she visits. I spoke to the doctor. Her name is Manju and she works at a hospital in Govandi called Vikas Nursing Home. The doctor said she was willing to treat Momina free of charge. But she had an issue that Momina doesn't visit her regularly or take the medicines regularly. She said all her complaints are because she is not eating healthily. We could take Momina for a second opinion but I wouldn't suggest changing the doctor, as she seems comfortable with her. The doctor mentioned that we could perhaps pay for the delivery at a later stage.

While we were leaving, Momina asked us to come back to meet her.

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