Sunday, August 8, 2010

Job required...

From: Merril Diniz <>
Date: 3 August 2010
Subject: A deserving kid needs a job

Hope you are doing swell. I am trying to help this boy called Dheeraj get a job in Delhi/ NCR (have attached his CV).

He is a good kid (around 25 years or so) who had to start working prematurely when his father was injured and paralysed. He became a cab driver full-time and that is how I met him. Being a single woman in Noida, I would rely on him heavily to drive me around, safely.

Education-wise he has a trade certification from ITI in machine knowledge, and is doing a mechanical engineering course through correspondence. Since his knowledge of cars was decent, he was absorbed as a quality control trainee at Honda, but his one-year training is coming to an end, and they are not making anyone permanent. His correspondence programme does not interfere with the employment.

He has good knowledge of quality control for automobiles, but is also capable of doing some sort of office management job and is familiar with MS Office. He is also a quick learner. I can vouch for his sincerity, honesty and hardworking nature.

If you have any contacts in Delhi who would be in a position to help him find a job (HR, entrepreneurs etc), would be great if you could put this kid through to them. Feel free to forward the mail. Essentially, he needs a stable job that pays his salary on time. He is the only earning member and needs to support his pop/ mom/ bro and wife (he was married when 21). Thanks much for your time.


Merril Diniz
Media professional @ Delhi

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