Friday, August 6, 2010

Documentary screenings available for schools and colleges


Respected Sir/Madam,


My name is Hari Chakyar. I currently work as an advertising copywriter for a digital agency called Media2win in Tardeo. I have my weekends free and have set out to screen documentary films to students in schools and colleges in the time I have.


Following are the details of the documentary films I wish to screen:


The Last Dance – This film is about the cruel manners in which a sloth bear is often captured and made to dance and how this crime can be ended. A film by Ashima Narain


The Hunted – India's national animal has a threatened future. This film by Jay Mazoomdaar tells us why.


Turtles in a Soup – Many species of freshwater turtles are heading towards extinction because of their illegal trade. A film by Kalpana Subramanian.


The Silenced Witness – Very soon, one may not know what an elephant looks like because their species is under severe threat by poachers. A film by P. Balan and Radha R.


Diminishing Resources is a film about the gradual loss of coral reefs across the vast coastline of India owing to selfish needs of human beings. This film by Himanshu Malhotra and Sabina Kidwai tell us how we can help protect them.


Once there was a Purple Butterfly - This film by Sonya V. Kapoor focuses on the crimes against butterflies.


Leopards in the lurch is a film about how leopards fall prey to the ignorance of villagers. A film by Gurmeet Sapal.


All the above films were selected for the UK Environment Film Fellowships in 2006 and were produced by the UK Government. The duration of each film is 15 minutes.




Target audience: Students from class 8 to 10 and above


Duration of the session: 1 hour (inclusive of 2 films, 2 small quizzes, question-answer session and a talk about what one can do to protect the environment).


Charges: Rs. 500 (per session)





Why I want to screen these films at schools and colleges


Mankind is highly responsible for the extent of damage caused to the ecosystem. The visible effects of climate change and the destruction of forest and wildlife resources are just a few.


I wish to create awareness among people regarding such crucial issues and I have begun with schools to try and make a better-informed generation of youth.


Last year in June, a group of friends and me staged a street play outside Ambarnath railway station, thus beginning the Nature Baba campaign. We also planted over 120 trees across the town of Ambarnath, over 80 of which stand strong and are growing healthily.


(The Mumbai Mirror was kind enough to write about us-


And so was The Indian Express -


I hope to be able to explain these ideas to the best of my capabilities to your young students.


Hoping to hear from you soon.


Creatively yours,


Hari Chakyar


Flat No. 13,

Seema Apts;

Pathare Park,

Ambarnath (E)



Mobile: 09323388803



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