Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Appeal from a Teach For India volunteer

I am a class teacher for 50 second graders teaching in a low income school Sri Ram Vidya Mandir in Kandivali (E).


As a Teach For India fellow, my job is to bridge the achievement gap that exists between a 2nd grader from a low income school and his counterpart in a high end private school. My kids come in with a lag of one year in physical growth and mental development; and two years of academic lag and the rote learning they have been through, they are a good two years(min) behind their wealthier counterparts.

A simple goal: 2 years of academic development in a single year for every one of my 50 kids!!

My Aim:  to make the next two years experiential and motivational for my class, my school and the community from where they come. These children have never been to a movie theatre, never dined at a restaurant, never met firemen, or police women. I want my children to experience different things, broaden their horizons, expose them to new emotions, all this alone can make the children of our country more tolerant and open minded.

As I cannot fight the battle alone, I need any bit of your muscle you can throw in.  How can you help?
1. All those books, CD's , educational models/toys/puzzles you once used as a kid or if you know anyone who is willing to share, I am sure my kids will love and thank you for every one of those. A book in any form is acceptable. (Postal address is below). I am looking at expanding my library - books for kids in the age group of 5-13 yrs.
Eg.: Story books with pictures would be great, eg- Dr Seuss, or workbooks that will help my kids learn better!
2. Any stationary- notebooks, pencils, erasers, charts etc.
3. I am looking forward to raise funds for their many FIRSTS. Like first field trip, first kids play at Prithvi, first visit to an aquarium/museum. It will be great if you can donate anything or get me in touch with someone who can sponsor this.

Contact me: 09561099409 anytime (except 11am -7 pm) or email me at rukmani.kapoor@gmail.com

L Participate as a role model for the children.
You could come to the school (Sri Ram Vidya Mandir - Kandivali (E)) & share your success story achieved through educating yourself. Or you could also do a workshop with them to stress on Fun Learning through Creativity.

Looking forward for your help!!!!
Thanks & Regards,


** Educational Facts**: To some & probably to many, it will be an eye opener that India is currently facing one of the worst educational crisis in the world. Our classrooms are understaffed, our teachers could be more engaged, our drop-out rate is unusually high (1 in 3 children who begin primary school will drop out before reaching 5th grade). And these are just a few to start off with. If you can read this - you should feel extremely privileged. As an Indian citizen, the odds that you can read are just barely in your favor - 40% of India is illiterate.


Ariana said...

I would love to send childrens books for the children.

Gajendra Pathak said...

Kindly inform about the activities if any in Orissa or Bihar? wish to be a volunteer
with regards : gajendra