Monday, December 28, 2009

Low cost spine treatment in Mumbai

"LOW COST SPINE CARE" of the SPINE FOUNDATION – extends to the

V N DESAI Municipal Hospital, Santacruz (East)

The spine unit (Previously at KEM hospital of Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation and presently at the Lilavati and Breach Candy hospital), has served the society for over two decades, working in various capacities and at variety of institutions. The focus, however has been on that section of the society who approached the unit with a problem, and the majority of such cases are 'well informed' about the options and their choices and are largely affording.

However, we are all aware that, an even larger section of the society remains unattended, purely for want of resources and sheer unaffordability. The spine problems affecting these "have nots" cause greater disability not only to the individuals but to their families and dependents, who have no other financial support systems. Although they are poor, the treatment options for their spine ailments still need a lot of expertise and prohibitive expenses mainly due to the cost of infrastructure.

The spine unit has decided to bridge this gap and reach out to atleast some of these unfortunate spine cases, who cannot afford these "state of the art" remedies.

The initiative called as the "LOW COST SPINE CARE [LCSC] SCHEME "- is a joint venture of the spine unit and the "spine foundation", which is a charitable organisation aimed at providing aid to spine cases with inadequate resources.

As an extension to this venture (Already running at CSSC an NGO – at Bandra Kurla Complex, and at Tilak Hospital – at BDD chawl Worli), the spine unit is now extending its free services to V N Desai Municipal Hospital, Santa Cruz East.

In the long term, this initiative aims at upgrading the spine care facilities in the peripheral hospitals and avoiding unnecessary referrals to Tertiary hospitals.

Who is eligible to avail of this facility ?

All spine cases needing treatment under the LCSC scheme, and who are not able to afford private clinics, will be seen on Monday/ Friday at V N Desai Municipal Hospital between 1 pm to 2 pm. If further management is required they will be admitted in the same hospital.

Where will these surgeries be performed ?

These surgeries will be performed at the V N Desai Municipal Hospital, Santacruz east, Mumbai.

The surgeries will of course be performed by any one of the experienced spine surgeons of the spine unit, depending on the complexity of the individual case. Requests made by the patients or their referring physicians-for "specific surgeons"-will not be entertained in the LCSC Scheme.

If you are a patient or if you want to refer a patient - How should you avail of this facility ?

[a] Come to OPD at V N Desai Municipal Hospital, Santa cruz east, Mumbai at 1 PM (On Mondays and Fridays), in OPD Number 6 for "primary clinical consultation."

[b] After primary consultation, if required the case will be counselled for surgery and given the earliest possible appointment for surgery.

We are sure that this facility will open up newer options and avenues for the treatment of spine cases with limited or meager resources.

We hope to reach out to more and more of the society, in the years to come and set a "role model" which can be initiated/ duplicated in different parts of our state and our country , thereby serving a larger portion of the population, in the near future !

Let us all work together in making this venture a great success !

Regards from the spine unit.






DR TARAK PATEL 9833990913

DR TUSHAR DEORE 9619834091


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Alok Tholiya said...

This is a great service. However there r more then two classes in every society. But it seems facilities are only meant for two namely Rich and poor. But there r lower middle and middle too. If one earns Ts 2-3 lacs a year in nither poor nor rich. He cant go for free service and he cant afford service which r for rich. U can start charging nominal fee to middle class and give them some relief. Also sr citizens from middle class cn be given some relief.