Thursday, December 10, 2009

Appeal for flood relief, Ponnur, Gunter District.

I received this appeal in the mail yesterday:


I am part of a small group of people that is supporting an orphanage in Ponnur in the Gunter District. Surrounding the orphanage is a large number of flood victims that need help. Here is a list of the things they need:

1) Clothes to wear , now the childrens and younger's and elders doen't have clothes to wear.
2) To stand for their lives if we could be able to supply bamboos and tatched leaves to wear on their houses if we could be able to supply this they can wear tatched houses to live.
3) Rice bags, if we can distribute RICE it will be useful to them to cook food and to eat.
4) Cooking vessels if we are able to supply cooking vessels to them they will be cook the rice in the vessels and they can eat.
5) Water, now our area water was impurified by floods. If we are able to supply water they can drink this purified water which doesn't contains impurities.

The orphanage is OK and does not need your assistance. It is the people around the orphanage that need help. The orphanage is prepared to serve as a distribution point for the flood victims. People affiliated with the orphanage are ready to volunteer, if they can get the things the flood victims need.

Can you supply the things that are needed?

Thank you for your kind response.

Rob Hunt

For people who have stuff to donate, please e-mail the orphanage to get specific instructions about delivering stuff.

Here is the e-mail:

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