Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A little help for a boy to have a normal spine

Ankit is a dhobis son in Kolkata. He has been referred to us by Santanu Ghose, a gentleman who has been following up on him. Ankit has a congenital spinal deformity and needs an operation to correct this and allow him to have a normal life. Baisali from our Kolkata chapter has be following up on this and this is her latest update:

This is the update on Ankit, the dhobi's son. I showed the x-rays and reports to my friend, Dr. Argho Roy. He said the surgery is complicated and the recovery period a long drawn-out one. If not done by an absolute expert, the operation can easily be botched up.

Ankit's family took him and the reports to Ramkrishna Seva Pratishtan (RSP), the hospital where they have been getting him checked right from the beginning. The 'foreign doctor' (couldn't catch his name) gave him a thorough check-up. He and his team will be operating upon the boy, free of charge. Prosthesis and post-operative care will come up to around Rs. 25,000/- at the most. Intense physio-therapy also required.

Right now the boy needs an MRI at the earliest for which Rs. 9,000/ is required. The boys father has 4k, my father has offered to chip in 2k and I can put in 2k as well.

Edited to add: If 25 kind souls can spare Rs 1000 each, this child could get a new life, ridding him of the pain he's in everyday. Write in to us at indiahelps@gmail if you would like to help.
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