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Help these children

This from Chandni's blog:
From: saveachildtrust saveachildtrust <saveachildtrust.spine@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Oct 23, 2010
Subject: Request for Support-"you can change a life"

Dear Sir/Madam

Sub:  Request for Support-"you can change a life"


Greetings from Save a Child Trust (SACT)


Save A Child Trust (SACT) is a non-profit humanitarian institution started by Dr Kirti Jain (Chairman and Managing Director-GBH American Hospital) and Dr Chirayu Pamecha (Co-Founder SACT, and Spine Surgeon GBH American Hospital) in association with GBH American Hospital, Udaipur.


This project was started in July 2008 to help children from economically weaker sections with spinal deformities irrespective of their gender, religion, caste or color.


SACT in collaboration with GBH American Hospital Udaipur treats the poor children at a highly subsidized cost. While the Scoliosis correction surgery in a normal hospital costs around Rs4 to 5lakhs, we under our initiative get it done for Rs 2.0to 2.5lakhs.  This amount covers hospitalization, regardless the length of stay for the youngster which is borne by GBH American Hospital and other chargers such as surgery and implant costs, other medical needs, teaching programs and administration, which are raised by SACT from external sources.


In this regard, we hope to collaborate with different institutions/individuals which can support us in our endeavors and become a part of our mission.


As per your requirement please find enclosed the details.


SACT full Contact details: 

Contact person:  Ms.  Shilpa Jaiswal                      Dr.  Chirayu Pamecha

                           Program Manager                        Co-founder SACT, Spine Surgeon


Address:  Save a Child Trust

GBH American Hospital

101, Kothi Bagh, Bhatt Ji Ki Bari,

Meera Girls College Road,

Udaipur-313001 (Raj.)

Phone:     +91 294-3056700, 3056000

Fax:           +91 294-2526982

Mobile :    +91 9694656268/9829053531

Email : saveachildtrust.spine@gmail.com, 

Website : www.saveachildtrust.org


Exact amount needed and by which date:

The demand for our services is overwhelming. Since our inception in July 2008, we have examined over 300 children in our free clinic and operated 6 children with complex spinal deformities like Scoliosis and Kyphosis. Currently, four children are awaiting treatment/surgrery and SACT is making all efforts to raise necessary funds for them. In the future, we plan to operate at least 24 children annually for which we will need substantial funds.


Exact amount required for these 4 children is Rs. 8lkhs. 


The break up of the surgery cost is as following:


Cost (in Rs)

ICU Charges


Nursing, Physiotherapy Charges


Pharmacy and Consumables


Investigations ( Blood Ix, PFT, CT scan, etc)


OT Charges







 Till now Rs. 3.8lkhs has been raised through corporate, individual donations, religious charity.  We are short of Rs. 4.2lkhs. 


Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain


Sincerely yours,


Shilpa Jaiswal Bist

Program Manager, SACT


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