Monday, October 4, 2010

The Rs 100 fund

This forward from Chandni:
From: rahul anand <>
Date: 26 September 2010
Subject: 100 Rupee Club

Hi Chandni,

This is an initiative me and college friend thought and went to Charity Aid Foundation with it. Now, it is live.. called  the 100RupeeClub ,through this one  can be part of 3 initiatives, 3 NGOs by just contributing Rs. 100 monthly. As  of now, only yearly payment (i.e. Rs.1200)has been started.It is part of CAF India's Social Change Fund which invests in livelihoods, education and health initiatives across the country.

 I request you to please spread the word about this initiative to your friends and family. And the join the100 rupee club .Do blog , tweet and help me in promoting this wonderful cause.

100RupeeClub Fb Page


Rahul Anand