Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please help Sandeep hear

I received this mail from Amit, who had volunteered with our street schools during the Joy of Giving Week, regarding Sandeep Malik:

We are helping a child Sandeep, who is suffering from 90 per cent hearing loss since the age of 2. According to Dr. Milind Kirtane (Consultant ENG Surgeon – Hinduja Hospital), Sandeep is suffering from Bilateral Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss. The treatment Dr. Milind Kirtane has recommended is Cochlear Implant surgery which is suppose to imporve his speech perception, educational and social opportunities and quality of life.
Do visit This is my sincere request to you if you can help him hear again. Hoping for your reply.


Further to this mail, Dilnavaz from the India Helps team verified the case with Dr Kirtane, who would be operating pro bono for this patient.
Here is her report back:
The case is genuine. Dr. Kirtane doesn't charge for operating on children born deaf. Even in this case, he's waived his fees, but the costs to be incurred are OT costs, the cost of the implant itself and allied charges. Also, post surgery, the child will need some years of speech therapy and post-surgical care and that costs quite a bit too.

If you would like to help Sandeep, please visit the website:

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Amit Thanvi said...

...m sorry as m very late for this but the operation has been successfully done....thnx a ton