Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can anyone help this girl?

Received this as a forward from Chandni:
Thu Mar 25, 2010
There is a girl, age 4 years, in need of shelter and basic education. Her father left her mother after birth of the child and due to very poor economic status, mother is not able to raise the child. Mother is working as domestic help in nearby homes (in Marol-Andheri area) and feeding both of them.  However its impossible for her to buy a home and provide shelter-education to the child.
Request your help to provide necessary help to this child in terms of shelter and some basic education. Looking forward for positive response from your end....or at least guide us to appropriate channel from where she can get some help..
Thanks & Regards
Edited to add: If anyone would like to help, kindly contact Mansi directly at the above email id.

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Chandni said...

Hi Kiran, FYI, one of the responses she received:

Dear Manasi

This is to guide you through the process of getting a shelter for the girl. First of all there are two ways of doing it. One way to produce the girl in front of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and present the case. The CWC then would pass an order to get a sheter for the child. There are organizations that are listed with them and the chances are better to get the shelter.

the other way is to find the shelters that work for children and do a follow up of the availability of the vacancy for space. This would have to be done manually and takes a long time.

There is also another way to source out a local NGO that works in your area with children and refer the child to them. This NGO would ideally follow the same process in option 1.

If you have further questions, I would be glad to answer them.