Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Support this hospice for terminally ill children

I received this mail a few days ago and the concept touched me deeply.

Dear Kiran, 


My friend Abhishek and I have been working on a project since February 2013. We are starting India's first Children's hospice. As you must be aware, a lot of children die every year due to incurable/terminal illnesses. It is heart breaking but true. 

While we cant do much to keep these children alive, we can certainly do a lot to ensure that the last few months/days of these children and their families are as painless, peaceful and memorable as possible. 

Hospice is a concept of care that is extended towards people who are dying. This is where people will get a lot of emotional, psycho social and spiritual care. Unfortunately we have evrey few hospices in India and none exclusively for children. This is where we are making a difference. 

Abhishek and I are starting India's first Children's Hospice, we are calling it 'Happy Feet Home'. This is going to be in partnership with Sion hospital (one of the leading government hospitals in Mumbai) 

We are working on this since Feb this year and it has been one brilliant journey!

We are at a very important juncture with our venture and we need all the help and support for it. 

We have started a crowdfunding campaign and are now LIVE on indiegogo, the crowdfunding website that will help us raise funds so that we can start India's First Children's Hospice! Check us out here!!!

This is where I need your help and support. Please go to the link above and get to know about our campaign. You can help us in multiple ways - 

1)      Contribute – Crowdfunding works when several people make a contribution for your cause. You may chip in whatever you feel like and every penny will only      make us reach closer to our goal.

2)      Make us famous  – share the campaign on your facebook, share this email with your friends, tweet about it, spread the word as widely as you can.

3)      Bore your friends to death  – talk to your friends about us, let your circle know the need of hospice and what we are doing.

4)      Spam - share the info on the hospice on your office intranet.

5)      Connect – Put us in touch with your friends who you think will be interested in helping in any way possible and we will take it forward from there. 

It is a huge amount we are aiming to raise and we need all the support to do that. 

Link to the campaign -
New Indian Express article -
Huffington Post -

If not you, who... If not now, when??

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