Sunday, January 27, 2013

Funds required for a five year old boy to help him regain his vision

A request for funds to help a five year old boy regain his vision through treatment at Kerala's Sreedhareeyam:

Dear Kiran,

As spoken to you, here are the details of the case:
Name: Trushal Shailesh Gore (age 5 years)
Resident of: Goregaon West, Mumbai
Issue: Premature baby born at eight months. After delivery on 7th day he got some severe dehydration and convulsions. Subsequently has defective vision in both eyes. The diagnosis is Optic Atrophy. His father has been taking him to Kerala at Sreedhareeyam for treatment twice a year - once in June and second in Nov.
Expense: Their total expense annually is Rs. 75,000 towards the hospital fees and they were hoping if someone could contribute towards it. These are hospital fees and the cheques can be drawn in the hospital's name. The travel & stay expenses the family will manage. The cheque could be in this name: Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital And Research Centre
I have verified the case. Do let me know if he can be helped. Thanks a ton!


Please do mail us at if you would like to help Trushal.


Anonymous said...

Just fyi - If the case is indeed optic atrophy, then, I am sorry to say, no significant treatment exists for this child. Because this process is irreversible once optic atrophy has set in, only a few experimental treatments exist and even those have shown no significant improvement in sight. I don't know what treatment is this hospital providing, but I had like the parents of this child to know this fact.

They can confirm this information on any online medical database like medscape, mediline etc.

ashwin said...

Can you please post the account number details also so that anyone can make contribution through internet banking also.