Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vote for Aarti Home here and help them win the Impact Awards

I received this letter from a friend, and this is definitely a worthy cause. Do vote for this if you support the girl child.

Hi Kiran.

How art thou?! Long time!

You know about Aarti Home, the NGO I volunteer with? Well, we are trying to get something called Impact Awards - it is decided based on the number of votes it gets online. This will give us enough money for food for our children at the orphanage for a year. This as you know is our most basic need.

Sandhya Aunty (who is the founder-president) has been working for the girl child for 20 years now. She has pumped in huge amounts of her own money and continues do do so, and her energy and commitment to the cause - it has to seen to be believed. 

She is a normal person like you and me - used to hold a teaching job, had two daughters (one of who was my IIT batchmate) and ran a house always full of visiting relatives and friends. What is different about her is that she has saved at least a few thousand girl babies from being killed or sold and abused, helped hundreds of students who did not have money to study further, helped thousands of women earn their own money and explained to lakhs why a girl is as good as a boy. I can go on and on about her team's selflessness - something I have personally experienced, truly a very rare thing in today's world. They have spread it so much that it has actually impacted the gender ratio in Kadapa district.

As you know, Aarti runs an orphanage for abandoned girls, a school for kids who cannot pay fees, a skills development program to make women able to earn their own money and therefore dignity, and many many programs to tell folks why the girl child deserves to live with dignity.

Folks in Kadapa district recognise this and there are long queues there wanting to vote, however they are unable to do so because of erratic electricty and pathetic net connection.

So a request - please can you vote and help get us votes via your blog and FB? Also tell other people?

It is a super simple process - just click on this link above after signing into FB, click on 'Vote for this Entry' and you are done! We need to do this in the next one week.
Please help!
Thanks & cheers,

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