Monday, January 9, 2012

A young man with a head injury needs a job

We received this request from Vaibhav Patil who has been actively helping IH cases, most notably Poonam Singh who was injured in 26/11 and needed physiotherapy.
If there is any organisation which could help him get a job or rehabilitated do let us know, he is literate and has studied up to SYBcom. He was working as a general workman at a company in Trombay when he was injured.

"I am attaching along a bio data of 22 yr old Siddhesh who met with an accident on 14/08/2009 and suffered head injury because of which he has been claimed to be 65% disabled. His mother works as a nurse at the K.EM Hospital. Only thing that worries me is his young age and idleness. So,with the help of our blog India Helps,if we can get a small job for him,it would make his life a great difference.
Kindly have a look at the biodata and do the needful.


Vaibhav Patil,
Musculoskeletal And Sports Physiotherapist
Indian Boxing Team"

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Anonymous said...

Where is the bio-data?