Friday, June 3, 2011

Donate a sweater, save a child

Want to save a needy kid? By donating a sweater you can !!!  
Friends, last year winter was painful for the underprivileged village kids. For
the kids of the few of the villages we have taken up few small initiatives like
providing clothes, books & toys to them. These few villages are located at the
outskirts ofBhopalhave the residents living below poverty line. The men and
women of these villages work as daily wage labourer and are hand to mouth. Last
year in the month of December- January 2010 the winter was very chilled in
Bhopal particularly the nights and these made the condition of the people very
pathetic. More worse was the condition of the children. They won't have proper
woollens and were shivering due to severe cold. Ahambhumika launched a campaign
for the collection of woollen clothes for these children and were able to
succeed to have around 40 sweaters only while the requirement was quite high.
Viewing the scarcity of sweaters lastly we distributed clothes in 4-5 pairs to
the children so that they could be saved from winter up to some extent from
severe cold.
Learning a lesson from this we have initiated a collection campaign of sweaters
before time this year. During forthcoming winter we need around 500 sweaters for
the kids. Their age ranges from 4 to 8 years. We shall be obliged to you for the
support. Even a sweater old or new donated by you will be an immense help to us
as well as to the needy kids. We can accomplish this goal only with the support
of you generous people. You can donate old or new sweaters and may courier it to
us. Even a single sweater donated by you could save a kid. And is not it worthy
to save a needy kid from severe winter? Winter is a nightmare for them due to
lack of proper woollens.

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Subrat Goswami
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ICS Cyber Security said...

Being human beings, it is our avocation to deal with the previously mentioned who are not favored with the chances, health or riches that we have been favored with. It is considering this that we have chosen to give 10 percent of our benefits to Make a Wish Foundation this whole year.

Donate to Help a Child

ICS Cyber Security said...

As a child sponsor, you can accommodate save a tyke from an essence of compelling destitution. Your sponsorship should not just pay the expenses indispensable for your sponsored tyke to go to class, it will guarantee the kid is sustained, dressed, and has access to therapeutic forethought.

Donate to Support a Child