Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fwd: [CSA-AM] Fwd: Child missing

Dear Friends

can you pls spread the word on this to all your friends staying in the suburbs. Quite serious, and a known family. Thanks for your help!


Please find attached the photos of the child who is gone missing on 6th April 2011 - evening around 6pm onwards from his society - Mahavir Nagar - Kandivali West.
Child was wearing orange t-shirt and ¾ blue jeans.

Name of Child - Karnit Anand Shah

Request you to kindly contact at the below details if you see this child or come across anywhere. Also kindly forward this email to as many people you can.

Anand Shah (father of the child)
Mobile no:
+91 98700 26253
+91 98217 93409
A-72, Pranic Garden, Above HDFC Bank,
Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali West

Appreciate your help in this matter


Chintan Siriya said...

This email has been taking rounds since last 2 days, not sure how we can help personally, may be people living in & around Kandivali West can keep an eye on children on the streets in their area, child’s pictures are attached. I spoke to few organizations and also some people whom I know from the missing child bureau of Bangalore but unfortunately there is no such bureau for Mumbai. I had a talk with child’s father just now, they have registered a complaint with Police but there has been no luck yet. I’ve given them the contact of one organization from Mumbai (Don Bosco) who does similar work in Karnataka also, hopefully that should be of some help.

Intention behind sending this mail is also to make you aware about “not to forward the forwards blindly” issue. Yes, forwarding does help in certain cases but blindly forwarding such mails without authenticating any of the information or without trying to know the details, doesn’t help much. I understand that people are busy in their own lives or they do not know how to help but many a times just forwarding doesn’t help as we all anyways receive such mails from plenty of our friends and they in turn just forward it to others. I appreciate your intention to help by forwarding but if not the offer to help in solving the problem, I would like to encourage you to at least talk to any point of contact mentioned in the mail so that you can send some latest information to your contacts while forwarding. And yes, Wish you all Happy Helping!!! coz, it gives you the pleasure that cannot even be matched by the taste of any chocolate in the world :)

Anonymous said...

Am unable to see the photos. Not sure whether the problem lies at my end. Please can you repost the photos for me to forward to my contacts