Thursday, July 1, 2010

Report on Balaji Kharatmal

This report in from Dilnavaz:
Hi all,
I accompanied Balaji to meet Mr. Deepak Bhatia of the Taj Trust this morning. Mr. Bhatia asked him detailed questions regarding the 26/11 incident, his family demographics, income, etc. I had asked Balaji to get fee receipts for both his children and he also brought along their latest mark sheets and certificates from the school vouching that they were both students there. Mr. Bhatia said they would support the children's education, but was unhappy that Balaji's son Dipak had failed in 3 subjects (Hindi, Marathi, Social Sciences) in the 5th grade. He said they ask two things of parents whose children's education they support: 1. that attendance is at least 90% 2. that scores are acceptable--at least passing, preferably first class. He also asked whether a tuition teacher had been employed, to which Balaji replied in the affirmative.
I listed all of Balaji's expenses this year related to his children's schooling and Mr. Bhatia took a copy. The annual total comes to Rs. 6050/- for both children. Taj is willing to give Balaji a cheque for the amount. He needs to locate the uniform receipt and hand it over, he has given them the school fee receipts, but says the school doesn't give one for computer fees. He will also look into getting a monthly bus pass and let us and Taj know the amount. Mr. Bhatia needs the information before July 7th. Balaji was very intimidated by the security procedures employed at Oxford House, so I may need to collect the receipts from him and drop them off.
He also said that the govt. compensation received after 26/11 was divided between him and his siblings and he has invested his share. He appears to be doing okay. His job involves sweeping train compartments and filling water in the CPW dept. and he is currently on a night shift. Gets about Rs.10,000/- a month. His younger brother is now driving the autorickshaw he used to drive. The sisters' husbands seem to have found jobs and are living independently. His wife is not working. The daughter is doing okay at school but the son likes playing up. His leg does experience spasms occasionally, and hurts when he walks a lot, but otherwise he is doing better. The family seems okay, although I personally feel it can't be mentally healthy for the poor man to work daily where his mother was killed and he was maimed, but I suppose that's a minor consideration. It was good to see him back on his feet.
That's all for now.

Dilnavaz Bamboat

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Glad to hear he is doing fine.