Monday, April 19, 2010

Teachers Training Programme for Children with Developmental Disorders

Dear Friends,

Close to 27 million children are born in India every year. About 20 - 30 % children face some difficulty in school. This may range from mild Behavioural or Emotional Problems to ADHD, Dyslexia, Cerbral Palsy, Intellectual Disability and Autism. However, ALL children will face some stress or the other during the course of their Education.

We, at New Horizons Child Development Centre, believe that a basic and practical knowledge of Child Development and Variations thereof, is the key to the Optimal Education of ALL CHILDREN. Indeed, EVERY CHILD is a different kind of a learner and unless this is ingrained and practised in the classroom, a large number of children will continue to just go through the motions, without really beneffiting from Formal Education.

Considering the enormity of numbers involved, and the lack of trained resource persons, the only real remedy is to train the School Teacher to deal with the issue in the best possible manner. This can be accomplished by a combination of basic, but practically relevant theory at our Centre at Pawar Public School and actual case - based training and hands-on experience with children across all three Centres in the City. 

We, at New Horizons Child Development Centre, believe that our work is incomplete without bringing this possibility across to School Teachers. We have designed a special 50 - hours Certificate Course with the above-mentioned features based on our experience of the past 8 years with thousands of children, parents and teachers in the city and beyond. This Course will be Designated as "Classroom Intervention in Developmental Disorders". Our dedicated and experienced team of 35 psychologists, special educators and therapists will be on hand to carry out this training.

We request you to pass this message on to Teachers in the City and outside. We have special provision for outstation delegates. Therapists, Counselors and Parents with a special interest in the subject may enrol as well. The Course commences on 24th April, 2010 and  we have 25 seats.

Kindly contact New Horizons CDC  
98200 26503 / 98206 98287 / 98191 59946,, for enrollment details.

Looking Forward to working together to realise this Vision:  

An India where every student has a Teacher 
who strives to bring out the best and 
help the student achieve her/his optimal development.

Because, Every Child Can Do Better !

With Regards, 


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