Friday, January 15, 2010

Update on Sachin Singh

This report in from Sangeeta:

I went to JJ hospital for my second meeting on the Sachin Singh case.
Dr Jadhav saw Sachin and was very very helpful. He assigned another doctor to go with me to the Surgeon who had operated on Sachin. I also saw Sachin in shorts for the first time and so I now know the kid had bullet wounds on left leg. Tissue was taken from the stomach to heal the wounds.

On the left hand - four fingers have movement and one finger has lost movement - that cant be repaired anywhere.

The lump they said can be reduced 30% but as Sachin stays in a slum they will want the child to stay in the hospital for 15 days to avoid post operation infection. I think Summer holidays is a better time for the kid. They prescribed tests and xrays. The doctor assigned by Dr Jadhav took us around and helped with the paperwork and tests . The kid has two more tests to do which I will do outside in private hospital because that's faster for me and the family. I will get the reports collected from JJ.

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