Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Would you like to donate books?

Got this as a forward, thanks Chandni. I thought it was a noble cause anyone could support:

Sevadham requires books on values and spirituality in Hindi and Marathi. I would be extremely grateful if we could collect a dozen or two books not too voluminous on the subject mentioned above. We need these books to provide good reading material to the prisoners confined in prisons in the western region of Maharashtra. Do let us know when and where we can collect them.

Ms. B. Pimenta

The "Donate Books, Receive Books" initiative was started by Karmayog in June
this year. (www.karmayog.org/donatebooks/)

So far there are appeals for books from 58 cities in 19 States of India.
135 NGOs and organisations have appealed for books in all languages and for
all types of people who need them.

The Karmayog office in Fort, Mumbai, itself has collected and donated over 1000
books during this period.

If you would like to donate books, or need books for your organisation, do
join in the "Donate Books, Receive Books" initiative.

Corporates, schools, colleges and housing societies can also participate and
conduct collection drives in their premises.

Send an email to us stating how you would like to particpate and we
will take that further.


http://www.karmayog.org/ -- spreading knowledge

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We should not refuse to give children education and knowledge. They have the right to learn how to read and write.