Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to Mumbai Helps

We have all been stunned, shocked, heartbroken and terrified over the past week. Events have unspooled which have left us beyond words, beyond pain, beyond emotion. A perveading feeling of helplessness rules.
This blog is an effort to help.
Help Mumbai, help ourselves to help ourselves.
Because if we dont do it, no one will.

What does this blog plan to do?
Simple. Anyone with an urge to do more than just be a bystander to the carnage and mayhem that wrecks the city everytime we have a disaster causes by external elements or through natural causes like the 26/7/ flooding in, can help.
We will maintain a database of people who are in a position and are willing to be off assistance, either immediately during the crisis itself, or later in relief and rehabilitation.
We will put people wanting to contribute financially to victims in direct contact with NGOs doing the same or the victims directly.
We will look for good samaritans who are willing to contribute towards medical expenses, post traumatic therapy requirements, and prosthesis requirements for those rendered disabled in such situations.
We will attempt to sponsor the education of the bereaved children by putting dedicated and serious citizens who wish to do so in direct contact with the bereaved family.
We have many hopes. And need all the help we can. And we need all the people who can help out to write in.
We need people with only a desire to help.
We're looking for those who can contribute skills at the times of crisis: Doctors, medically trained personnel, ex-army personnel, even anyone who has a vehicle and is willing to drive critically injured people to hospitals or ferry people from danger spots to safe zones. Anyone with a space that can be used as a refuge area for people stuck in times of natural calamities like floods or total power blackouts which renders the local train service dead, please do write in.

Over the next week, I will be posting links and numbers and names and where you can go if you want to help out. Right now, the first step is, donate blood.

Find out if there is a victim in your vicinity go personally to offer your condolences. Show you care. Because you do. And it could have been you.

All we need is a mail to detailing:
Your name:
Your contact details:
Your professional expertise:
In what way would you like to be of assistance:


Anonymous said...

It's a great idea, Kiran.

Perhaps I should go see what groups in Cal are doing.

ATB with the driver's son.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue dear.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Fundraising is something I can involve myself with out here.