Monday, February 2, 2009

Would you like to help Ahana?

A report on Ahana Mishra from Shyaam:

Firstly a brief note on Ahana
Ahana Mishra, a 5 year old girl is a 'special child', and is presently hospitalised in MGM Hospital, Vashi. She lost her mother in 2008 in tragic circumstances. Anindita Misra (34), her mother, was brutally murdered, by a colleague of hers. She was working in Anil Ambani Reliance Group. Ahana is under the care of her grandmother, Poornima Goswami (Anandita's mother). Ahana's parents were separated and they have no contact with the father, nor has he got in touch after Anindita's demise.

Our visit to MGM hospital
Before I start, let me tell you this was one of the most disturbing and emotional days in my life. We (Aparna and I) had gone to visit Ahana in MGM Hospital, Vashi on Sunday (1 February) morning. We met her grandmother Poornima Goswami and we handed over the money (Rs 10,000, thanks Nomad) for her expenses. She was very happy when we gave her the amount.
We spoke to Poornima and she told us after Anandita's (Ahana's mother) death it has been really difficult. Ahana who is a special child went into a shock after her mother's death and her condition has worsened over the last couple of months.
Thankfully, the hospital has been very kind to them and they have not charged a penny for her treatment in the hospital. However, I think the expenses incurred for her medicines after discharge will have to be borne by Poornima only. Since Ahana is in a common ward, Poornima is staying with another person close to the hospital who has been helping Poornima since they do not have a permanent house in Mumbai.
She wants to shift out of Mumbai and go to West Bengal (native place) and settle there and she said she is just waiting for the doctors' green signal so that she can take Ahana with her.
We also saw Ahana who is sharing the ward 2-3 other people. Since she has not been eating properly she is being fed through a tube. She has her eyes closed all the time and was breathing heavily when we saw her. She had high fever a couple of days back apparently.
She loves music it seems and Poornima turned on the radio and kept it beside her so that she could listen to the songs.
Hats off to Poornima for being so brave. I guess anyone who goes through this becomes that much mentally tough to handle such situations. In that entire conversation she shed a tear only in the end when she spoke to us about her daughter and how her daughter's priority in life was only Ahana and her treatment.
The issues I see are:
1. Poornima said she will have to buy a wheel chair and other related stuff for Ahana once she is discharged from the hospital
2. She also said she will have to keep a full time nurse for Ahana.

And I would add, long term therapy and treatment for Ahana.

If anyone would like to help Ahana please do mail us at

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