Sunday, February 22, 2009

Any left over and still valid medicines?

I received this as a forward today:
Have you ever realised that the leftover medicines in your house can actually give a new lease of life to those who die for want of medicines or because they can't afford to purchase medicines.

Patients do not take the medicines prescribed for them for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes people are discharged from hospital with a bag of medicines to take home just in case they suffer certain symptoms - for example they may be given some extra strong painkillers in case they suffer severe pain after an operation.

Sometimes a medicine doesnt suit the patient and they go back to their doctor to get something different. Sometimes the patient gets better and doesn't need the medicine after all, and sometimes sadly the patient dies.

These unused medicines are literally life-savers to people in desperately poor parts of India who would otherwise be unable to afford them , or even in some cases may be treated at a health care centre that simply cannot obtain them. is a web based platform which aims to bring individuals and organisations who wish to donate unused medicines and Organisations / NGO's who need medicines together.

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