Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Salma

Received this update on Salma from Sayantani today:

I met Salma today - gave her the phone. she's currently staying with a friend, Asha, in Ambernath, and wants to continue staying there for a while. so housing does not appear to be a priority at the moment.

She spoke about a lawyer who'd come to meet her after Mahmood Sheikh (her neighbour in Dombivili) spoke to the lawyer. The lawyer has apparently filed a case in the Motor Claims Tribunal, and the next date of hearing is 7th March. She had no papers of the case and wasn't sure what it was all about. because there's already this lawyer who she is dealing with, I thought it may be a better idea to take a look at the papers filed by him before speaking with an advocate...have asked her to get a copy of the papers. once she does, we'll take it from there...

Re employment - she said Asha is looking for a job as a construction labourer, and if she gets one, Salma will go with her too...or she would be happy to work as household help. Have told her that I'll look at possibilities of employment in and around Ambernath, as also possibility of a vocational training school.

That's it from me for now..

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