Friday, February 13, 2009

Any Doctors/GPs in Vashi/Panvel

Sayantani, who has been trying hard to get in touch with Salma for a while now, just sent this in:
I have been trying to contact Salma for a while now, but she has not been in CST. I managed to contact her today finally...she is apparently in Panvel at a friend's house, this is close to where her children stay in the boarding school. Apparently she has hurt her foot earlier, and that is acting up now, so she's not been coming to CST.
I am meeting her tomorrow in Panvel to see what the matter is, and if need be, to take her to a doctor. We have also organised a cell phone for her to maintain contact with us, (Thank you Parul) so will had this phone over to her tomorrow, so hopefully, we should be able to maintain contact with her thereafter.
Would anyone know of a GP in Panvel/ Vashi whom we could go to, who would be eager to help? Please do mail us immediately at

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