Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From JJ Hospital

This report from Sangeeta:

I went to JJ Hospital . The last three cases related to 26/11 are on their way out. Only one lady needed help - Poonam Singh, who is paralysed waist down and is a house wife with two children. She needed a walker . I went to Princess Street, bought and gave her a walker today itself. They did not mention any need for money, she was only worried about her daughter missing school to look after the younger child as she was not home. Her daughter may end up losing a year at school as she has been home since 26/11 - a 12 year old daughter looking after a 1.5 year old brother. Her husband is a supervisor of watchmen.

There are no further cases at JJ hospital relating to 26/11 that need our help.

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