Monday, February 2, 2009

This report on Shabira Khan

Serendipity visited this blast victim on Saturday and has filed this report:

Shabira Khan - Age 37. She was injured in Wadi Bunder Blast on 26th November 2008, during the terrorist attack. She has been admitted in hospital ever since the 26th. (First J.J. and now Wadala Hospital). Her Medical expenses are taken care of since her his an employee of B.P.T. However, awith her, her earning son Abdul Hamid Khan was also injured ( and has lost vision in his right eye).

Shabira has lost movement and sensation in a leg, with a surgery scheduled for the same, apart from shrapnel injuries in her back. She was an earning member of the family, being a tuition teacher before being hospitalized. Apart from Hamid, she has five other children, all students, in school and junior college. She has received the Government compensation or Rs. 50, 000 so far. I also gave her a sum of Rs. 4,000 when I met her. However she could use a little more help as two earning members are currently not contributing to the household income.

For those desirous of helping Shabira out, here are her bank account details:

Bank: Dena Bank.

Branch: Dongri

Type of account: Savings

Account number: SB/GEN/24846

Name on Bank Passbook: Samira Abdul Majid Khan (this is the original name on the passbook of which I have a xerox, so the difference in the spelling of the names could be a typo)

Anyone wanting to send in cheques to Shabira Khan (Samira as on the passbook) do send in an email to We will give you an address to mail your cheques to and our team members will deliver them to her.

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