Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on Sunita Yadav

This update from M on Sunita Yadav:

We met the Yadavs yesterday.

They arrived in Bombay day before and are staying in Thane with Mr. Yadav's younger son-in-law. They have obtained the duplicate death certificates from the BMC which will enable them to claim pension from the late husband's employer.

The Yadavs were also to meet the District Collector at the Old Customs House to claim the Rs. 50,000 cheque that they had put a stop payment on it since the brother-in-law had absconded with it. He needs to confirm to me whether the collector has re-issued the cheque. Sunita's job with the railways has been confirmed and they have requested that she be posted in UP and the railway officers have said that they will try their best to accommodate their request. In total the Yadavs have received Rs. 5 lakhs from the government, 4.5 lakhs from us, 1 lakh from Shah Rukh Khan and are to receive nearly 9 lakhs from the railways. That in addition to the pension Sunita should receive is going to make for a fairly comfortable life for them. We have also told them that they should ideally set aside half the money in a fixed deposit for Sheetal to mature over 3-5 years to be used for her continuing education.

The last thing that they requested was that Sunita's brother Santosh, who was also injured in the CST attacks, has applied for a job with District Collector's office in both Gazipur and Jaunpur districts in UP. They would appreciate any help in expediting this application.

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