Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The blog may be silent for a while, but thats only because a whole lot of behind the scenes work has cropped up. For one, we are trying to raise some awareness about the effort at the forthcoming Mumbai Marathon and trying to figure out the best ways to do it.
We are also trying to formalise the effort so we can accept and redirect monetary contributions from donors from across India and abroad.
We are looking into filing an RTI for the Surjan Singh Bhandari case. This, if you havent been following the blog, is the NSG commando who was martyred after the Akshardham operation in 2002. Technically he passed away 600 days later after injuries caused by the operation left him in a coma. He was awarded the Kirti Chakra for his bravery but his family has yet to see the allotment of the petrol pump that comes with the honour. It is 2009 now. Shame on us.
Balaji Kharatmal, who has shrapnel injuries from the CST attack, is being taken for a consultation with an expert by our team members. We will keep readers informed if long term treatment/ therapy is required.
All of us are also following up on our individual cases, and trying to reach out to new families who could do with help.
We will keep you updated on the progress made.

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