Monday, January 19, 2009

This report from kbpm on her run at the SCMM

It was still dark when I reached the place for my half marathon. after
giving up on locating Nihaas, I convinced my friend Ludwig to pin up the
India Helps stuff on his shirt. I wore the bigger sticker on my shorts and
the small one on my hat.
I did a strong 2:10 - 2:15 this time, I mean, not great timing-wise, but I did feel very good - like I ran to my full potential.
I think lots of people did notice the tag-line and cheer, but since I was concentrating on running I did not interact beyond giving them a smile. I could not locate the banner girls, though I did talk to Bala after finishing my run. My fund-raising effort through my run has gone OK and I have some contributions and pledges which I need to follow up on
It was wonderful to run for India Helps and I look forward now to the 2010 event.

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Great !