Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Meeting withTaj Trust

Kiran and I met with Mr. P. Sanker (Vice President Legal & Company Secretary) this afternoon, and we've presented to him a few cases we think could do with help from the trust. Balaji, Ansaris, Waghelas etc.

He needs from us the following -
  • What were the occupations/incomes of the chief wage earners before this incident takes place? (This will help them in deciding how much money they should be entitled to).
  • A list of the total number of families we've visited, which ones we feel dont need any monetary assistance.
  • The Ansari family tree since the printout we had didnt help much. :)
Immediate need to collate everyones visits probably in excel/word and mail across. Also, would need to get back to him on what the doctors at Hinduja say about Balaji's treatment; if he needs any, what, and then he can help out if required. (provided he is treated at a reasonable govt hospital etc)

Any other families in need of medical care can also be put forth.

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