Friday, January 9, 2009

Balaji Kharatmal's consultation at Hinduja

Sangeeta, an India Helps team member, kindly accompanied Balaji to his consultation with Dr Chandiramani at Hinduja Hospital. Thanks nomad for organising the appointment at such short notice.
Here's her report:

I met Balaji and his sister at Hinduja. They had 3 major issues:

Is it safe to carry these pellets - will it cause more infection - when will it come out

His LHS index finger did not have the strength to press the gears and hence he cannot drive the autorickshaw

He does get a sensation of throbbing on his LHS back side

Dr Chandiramani said that you cannot keep going after these pellets .They are lead ones and they get sterilised as they enter the body because of the heat generated. The body will get them near the sub cutaneous tissue on its own. Once there, doctors will do a minor cut and remove it. It may even come out on its own through the skin surface - in which case Balaji can just remove it. The body will push this out on its own. However, it does not cause harm if it remains in the body -- cannot chase each pellet.

For his finger :the sensation, power, movement all normal

Discontinue all medications

All wounds have healed satisfactorily.

Balaji can resume work now.

Balaji should come after 3 months- April 2009 - for a further consultation. About the back wound, the pellets seem to be moving out but will be better if we give the body the time to push it out more.

The doctor asked and I said we were a group called India Helps and are doing what we can. He refunded his fees - Rs 650. Hinduja kept Rs 150 for making the card. The card is with Balaji. I gave the family Rs 800 and asked Balaji to focus on eating eggs, bananas and building strength and resuming his work.

All is well and he just has to have confidence. I did counsel substantially - let hope he starts work soon.

Thank you, Sangeeta.

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